Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boys - Listen to Your Mother and Stay Still

While I have always seen myself as someone who wanted children and to be a nurturer,  I seem to be  missing the "I love being pregnant and feeling my babies move" maternal gene.

Pregnancy is rough on the human body--particularly my human body. I see some women with beautiful, healthy hair and glowing skin and think, "Must be nice." I, on the other hand, vomit constantly for months and then lay around in my pajamas for a few more months. Glamorous.

When it comes to feeling the babies move, I have expressed my thoughts on the matter several times. I always make sure to mention that movement is comforting (because it is), but really, I have a hard time dealing with the amount of turns, kicks, and punches lately. 

Last night, I hysterically laughed/cried as I tried to fall asleep because the boys would not stay still (just ask Nathan. He had no clue how to react. Was I dying? Should he laugh too? No. Don't laugh. Only I laugh. feel bad for me. Got it?). I believe Baby A may have flipped or turned completely. He pushed his bum up against my skin, which transformed my stomach into an oddly shaped torpedo. He then decided to remain in that position (which was painful for me) until I literally pushed his bottom back down. Gross. Seriously gross. Baby B, who usually plays nice, decided to join in on the action and was ramming his head repeatedly into my side. Why?? !

Well, enough complaining. I should probably name something I am grateful for to counter the angst of this post. Hmm...I am grateful for cheese and a husband who refills my water bottle every time I yell for him (I need a bell or something). That excuses my negativity, right?


  1. Haha. I'm all for the bell idea! That would be awesome! You're boys sound like they are going to be handfuls, and Baby A is the instigator. Haha. Oy!

  2. a)love the new header picture
    b)this looks like a classic case of acrobatic demon fetal harvest

  3. So, I loved feeling Lucy's little kicks in utero- but twins was different! I try not to use the "twins are completely different" phrase very often-but seriously-TWO babies kicking you-and each other is painful! Good luck Celia:)

  4. "Boys, listen to your mother and stay still" ... You'll be saying that for years and years to come. As a mother of 2 boys, I'm telling you they don't like to be still! Welcome to the club.

  5. At least you're not pregnant with a vampire baby who will claw its way out of your uterus.


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