Tuesday, November 22, 2011

34 Weeks

The boys have been growing for 34 weeks. I can hardly believe it! They continue to move constantly, and I continue to feel increasingly tired. I think I will be saying that until these babies are born. The last two days, I have been awake maybe 6 hours of the day? Sleeping is my job, it seems.

I find it impossible to keep up with my appetite these days. I am always hungry, yet nothing sounds good. I just want chocolate milk and cheese, which is a problem. Sleeping all day also isn't helping me get the amount of calories I need.

Speaking of impossibles, I also find it impossible to get dressed. I stay in my pajamas every day except for Mondays when I go to appointments because really why bother? Yesterday, I managed to get ready for my doctor's appointment and an outing to Target. I felt like a huge success (no pun intended...well, maybe a little).
See! I am a waddle-saurus!!
Nathan pushed me around in a wheelchair and it felt wonderful to get out of the house on a "date." I was anxious about not having fitted sheets, diapers, and the other remaining baby items on our list, so the trip was an absolute necessity in my mind. We bought what we needed and are hopefully prepared for two little ones (prepared when it comes to material things, at least).

We then met Ty and Jenny for dessert and appetizers at Applebees. It was the perfect date for a pregnant lady. As we drove home, I realized Nathan and I will not have time for dates for the next few...years? I would say months, but I really don't see us leaving three children for a very long time, especially after we move and he starts graduate school. Good thing we both consider a bowl of ice cream and Netflix the perfect date :)

We'll see how much longer I last. These babies are welcome to come whenever they like, but selfishly I really hope they don't come until after Thanksgiving. I am excited to eat ridiculous amounts of delicious foods. I'm thinking I'll have no trouble reaching my calorie goal for a few days :)


  1. I say this every time, but you are BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe they're almost here. Like in a matter of a week or two. Watch out world (well, mostly Eliza), The babies are a comin'! Can't wait!

  2. You are positively radiant! Haha. I love the waddle-saurus comment. That's awesome. I'm so excited to see you some more this week. I'm perfectly good with just sitting and doing nothing and copious amounts of delightfully yummy food. Pregnant Girls Night watching TV!! Haha.

  3. I am SO happy you have made it to 34 weeks! This is amazing! You are going to have two sons soon! I'm so glad you got those last things you need. I bet that feels nice. I also bet you can't wait until you feel more comfortable! Hang in here, little friend!! You look beautiful.

  4. You guys can totally go on dates! Ill be your personal portland babysitter!!!!!

  5. I am so impressed by your positive attitude every week! What lucky boys these two will be to have an awesome mama like you!

  6. Ce, you are one sexy earth-goddess. I'm thrilled to see you and the babies still thriving! Hoorah for Thanksgiving- totally with you on that one. :) Bring on the calories!

  7. haha sexy sexy earth-goddess is right!! You are darling. Happy Thanksgiving, Celia. Congrats on the 34 week mark!


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