Friday, November 1, 2013

The Doc is In

The day after any holiday means big sales. Last year, I found a Minnie Mouse and Rapunzel dress for just $2.50 the morning after Halloween. Eliza has been obsessing over a certain show lately, so I knew what costume she would love to have this time around. Sure enough, there was one Doc McStuffins costume left--and it was only $4.00. Success!

Eliza was ecstatic when I gave her the Doc McStuffins outfit and immediately ran to get her doctor kit.
 She's been singing all afternoon and diagnosing each of us with some new illness :)
I love her imagination. She's already let us know a few times that she needs some new "patients" (stuffed animals) for Christmas.

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  1. Your ability to find bargains is so awesome! And Eliza is one cute doctor.


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