Friday, November 8, 2013

Ezra and Elliott Lately

Ezra and Elliott have changed so much lately, and I find myself often thinking: "Maybe they aren't identical." Of course, I know there is scientifically a 0% probability that they are fraternal twins based on the fact that they shared a placenta, but the differences in their personalities become more pronounced daily.

 Elliott always looks like he is up to mischief to me. His hair is always crazier (no matter how it is cut or bushed), and his eyes seem to always be laughing. Elliott is quicker to show emotion and loves to cuddle with me. Elliott can also be fiesty (despite appearances). When he is upset, everyone knows it! His latest trick is to throw the biggest toy he can find onto the tile so it makes a loud noise. He looks so innocent, though, right!?
Ezra is so spunky. He is serious, but always playful at the the same time. I feel like he is always thinking about something important. His voice is one of the cutest things I've ever heard, and it's pretty funny how he is obsessed with shutting doors, lining all of his toys up, and counting to ten. Ezra is a little defensive in this picture because he thinks I'm going to take the iPad away (where he loves to practice his letters).
Both boys continue to be obsessed with their letters. Nathan and I spend at least an hour a day drawing the letters on their Magna-Doodles, and they watch Super Why every morning to further fuel their letter addiction. I also discovered this app on the iPad that they absolutely love.

They love going on walks, they love playing with one another, and they are generally very happy babies. We are so lucky to have these two little guys in our family.

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  1. These little guys are the cutest! I'm still working on telling them apart. Maybe someday!


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