Saturday, November 2, 2013

Stitch Removal

Eliza's stitches were removed today, and she was more than a little scared about going back to the hospital. I called our local urgent care, and they said they would gladly remove the stitches since their facility is a sister company to the hospital. I thought avoiding the emergency room and all those unpleasant memories might make Eliza feel a little calmer about the procedure. I assured her it would be painless, but she wasn't very convinced.
We sat and waited for almost an hour with a room full of very sick people. I tried to entertain Eliza by reading several books and got a little emotionally overwhelmed reading Oh The Places You'll Go. I didn't realize how heart-wrenching Dr. Seuss's writing could be!
Eliza's only four, and I'm already thinking about her future and how this applies to my own life and her life someday. Needless to say, it probably wasn't the cheeriest mood for her to be around before a somewhat traumatic stitch removal procedure. I did my best to get my cheeriest mom face on, and we were finally called back.

The nurse who removed the stitches was fast, and that's about all that mattered because Eliza could not be reasoned with. She really tried hard to be kind, but having a pair of sharp scissors near her eye was not something she handled well. She managed to stay still long enough for the stitches to come out, and we were good to go. The nurse had promised her a really cool Band-Aid if she was good, and let's just say that Eliza was not impressed.
Snoopy? Seriously? I mean, I love Charlie Brown and the gang, but Snoopy wasn't the exciting Band-Aid she was expecting. Oh well! At least this whole ordeal is over!

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