Monday, November 25, 2013

The Park and Llamas

We are so lucky to live in an amazing community that is extremely kid-friendly. There are two parks within walking distance (three if I was really motivated to walk a half mile), and the kids have enjoyed our afternoon routine of going to the playground every day. Today, Nathan didn't have his late class, so he was able to join us for some fun times. To say the kids love playing with their dad is quite the understatement--he puts me to shame! All they want to do is play with Dad when he is around. I don't mind, though :) I love that they love him so much.

After we played at the park, we went to the little farm across the street to see the baby llama and it's mama. It's probably the cutest thing in the world.
It was a great day, and one of those times when life isn't too stressful or chaotic to feel the absolute joy of being a parent and wife. Life is pretty wonderful.

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  1. I'm so jealous of how many play areas you have so close to you! You guys have so much fun!


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