Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Midnight Trip to the Emergency Room

Yesterday was completely normal. Eliza went to ballet, we ran some errands, Nathan went to class, and the children and I went to the park in the afternoon. Everyone was feeling great when we got home right before dinner, and all three kids went to bed without complaining.

Around 11:30, Nathan and I both woke up to a gasping noise coming from Eliza's room. My heart felt like it stopped beating as we both jumped out of bed and ran to her. Nathan carried her out of the room and tried calming her down so she could catch her breath. I ran and found my inhaler. She had a hard time breathing in the albuterol correctly, but I could tell it helped somewhat. I held her as she continued to gasp for air, while Nathan hurriedly dressed. He then ran out the door with her and headed to the emergency room.

After they left, I sat in the living room and cried. The past five minutes had been intensely scary, and I was still terrified something would happen on the way to the ER. I couldn't get over the fact that Eliza had been fine when she went to bed, only to wake up a few hours later incredibly sick. Knowing I was probably upset at home (which I was), Nathan was great about giving updates. He called a short time later to say that once they stepped outside, the cold air helped Eliza breathe a little better. He then texted me once they arrived at the hospital to let me know that Eliza had been seen immediately and had received a steroid shot to help her breathing. She was diagnosed with croup. A couple of hours later, they came back home. Eliza was sleepy and feeling sick, but definitely doing better. After two trips to the emergency room in less than three weeks, she told me that she doesn't ever want to go back. Poor girl has been through a lot lately.
It was a crazy night, but I'm incredibly grateful we heard her struggling to catch her breath. I'm definitely a light sleeper, but Nathan certainly isn't. It's amazing that we both were able to hear her in distress from down the hall; I am so glad we sleep with our doors open!

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  1. How scary! It is definitely a tender mercy that you heard her. I'm glad she's okay.


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