Friday, November 29, 2013

Ezra and Elliott Turn Two!

I can't believe our boys are two already! The first year was pretty stressful, but this second year has been a breeze compared to all those sleepness nights, continuous feedings, and countless diaper changes.

 These boys are so wonderful! They definitely share the same interests, but they are certainly two distinct individuals. If I were to use one word to define each boy, I would say Ezra is sensitive and Elliott is carefree. They are both incredibly sweet and love cuddling with me (something Eliza never did!). Elliott always looks like he wants to run around and have a good time, while Ezra is most thoughtful and prefers just to sit with me and cuddle. They aren't speaking too much, but when they say the few words they know, it is with the softest, cutest voices.

I decided to list some of their likes for their birthday and had a difficult time coming up with unique interests for each boy. They really just love to always be together and do the same things.

We began the day with cinnamon rolls and birthday candles. The boys are used to having pancakes, eggs, and smoothies most mornings, so this was certainly a treat. They were a little confused at first, but didn't turn down a delicious breakfast.

Because it was Thanksgiving and we had a busy day planned, we decided to open presents first thing in the morning. Ezra and Elliott are currently obsessed with letters and numbers, so we told our family that they would enjoy any present that was alphabet or number related. The boys were so excited to practice to see their gifts!

 Eliza was a little sad she didn't get presents, too, but eventually was okay with letting the boys play with their new toys.
My aunt is always very thoughtful and sends birthday cards every year. She realized Eliza might feel a little left out, so she sent her a card, too, with five dollars inside. After that, Eliza was one happy little girl!
We then made Mickey Mouse cupcakes (Eliza's idea) and got ready for the rest of our Thanksgiving day plans!

The boys loved the cupcakes, but they absolutely hated it when we sang to them. Ezra even threw his cupcake on the ground because he was so upset. I really hope they grow out of "I hate it when it anyone sings" stage soon.
I love that their birthday was on Thanksgiving this year because they are two of the people I am the most grateful for. We love you, Ezra and Elliott!


  1. Oh my goodness I love these boys! The second year is definitely easier. What fun birthday plans! Let's hope the hating singing business ends really soon. Haha.

  2. I LOVE that last picture in the red sweaters. Adorable! It is so funny that they hate singing. That's so odd and awesome. What a two (and a half almost now!) years it's been!


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