Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tiana Returns

It's the day before the Ezra and Elliott's second birthday and Thanksgiving, and I am incredibly sick. Again. Fever, flu-like symptoms, and a general sense of feeling absolutely miserable have kept me in bed the majority of the day.

Again, Nathan comes to the rescue. He has done an amazing job of taking care of all of the household duties in addition to coming up with a few activities for the children. This morning, he surprised Eliza with her little elf Tiana, who has finally returned from the North Pole. Tiana brought a gingerbread house with her, and Eliza was thrilled to have a project.

I'm convinced tomorrow will be better. We've got too many fun plans for me to be sick!


  1. Bummer! Worst time to feel sick. That sure knows how to make those kids have a good time. Hooray for Gingerbread houses!

  2. I can't believe how much your poor family was sick this winter!! No fun! I hope when you're well again, the sickness is over for awhile. Poor Robbins.


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