Saturday, November 23, 2013

Decorations for Our Tree

After a morning full of cuddling congested and clingy little ones, Nathan suggested we finally go and buy some decorations for our tree. He thought a bit of Christmas cheer might lift everyone's spirits a little.
We got to the store, and Eliza was absolutely delighted by all of the various decorations. She spent so much time looking over everything and finally announced that she had found the perfect decorations for our tree.
Nathan and I would have never chosen purple, hot pink, and turquoise ornaments, but how could we say no to our four year old? She was so excited to get home and put everything on the tree.

I'm usually opposed to artificial trees, but Nathan found such a great deal on a pre-lit tree that it made sense to buy it. Nathan did a good job of making the branches look full, I put hooks on the ornaments, and Eliza got to work hanging everything!

I'm pretty sure this girl is going to be an artist. She has an uncanny ability to make things look great! She spent a considerable amount of time looking at the tree and judging where she should hang out the nice ornament. She was very careful not to hang two similar ornaments next to each other and would occasionally step back to admire her work. It was fun just to watch her. She loved the "shiny" ornaments the most and the fact that she could see her reflection in them.

She was definitely pleased with the final product, and so were we! Nathan and I jokingly said that we never should have doubted her selection of ornaments because everything looked wonderful!

It really feels like the Christmas season now. And I couldn't be happier :)

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  1. Haha. She has a good eye for what looks good! I'm with you. I'm traditional so I probably wouldn't have picked those colors either. It's so great that you let her be creative. She does a great job!


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