Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween!

Before we went trick-or-treating, we decided to have a special Halloween pizza. Eliza loved that it looked like a jack-o-lantern, and I'm hoping this will be a fun and easy Halloween tradition.

I did Eliza's hair in a French twist "because that is what Tiana wears," and she ran off to Becca's house for a little make-up. I love that Becca is our neighbor for a million reasons, including her skills for applying make-up. Eliza was obsessed with the lip gloss Becca used and couldn't stop smiling when I came to get her before trick-or-treating. 

I love seeing her happy, and she was positively glowing because she felt so beautiful. Tiana was the perfect Halloween costume for Eliza. I got the boys dressed in their superhero costumes, and we were ready to go! Ezra was Batman, and Elliott was Superman. 

Nathan had to go to class, so we had fun trick-or-treating with the Vaughn family. Ruby was an adorable Tinkerbell, and their friend Caeden was Harry Potter-Dr. Who (so cute!).
The girls had so much fun, and the babies eventually learned how to keep up and knock on doors with them. Kyle and Becca helped me corral the twins; I definitely would not have been able to manage everyone on my own. 

It was a great Halloween, and we had a great time with the kids. We only came home once it was dark and unbearably cold. The kids had a piece of candy and went straight to bed without complaining. I'm thinking this huge stash of sweets is going to last us a long time!

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  1. Stealing your kids' Halloween candy has got to be the best perk of parenthood. Haha. Eliza is a beautiful Tiana! I love how you can totally see the boys individual personalities in that photo. Love them!


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