Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Big Red Barn

On Thursday, we decided to go to The Big Red Barn in Santaquin with the Vaughn Family. Becca went last year and remembered they had lots of fun activities for kids at a reasonable price. She also let us know they have most delicious apple cider donuts, so we were pretty excited about the trip.

We got there early enough in the day to avoid all crowds which was a definite bonus. A tractor with a wagon was waiting to take us out to the pumpkin patch and all of the various activities. The kids were pretty excited for the tractor ride, and the view was pretty amazing.

We arrived at the activity area, and Eliza and Ruby immediately ran to pose in this head-in-the-hole painting.
We then headed towards the peddle go-carts which were surprisingly pretty fun.

Ruby and Eliza saw the giant slides and ran off towards the next adventure. There was a smaller slide and a huge slide. I was terrified that the kids would get hurt in the larger slide, so we mostly stuck to the small slider. Nathan got brave towards the end and took the boys down the big slide.

The twins then led us to the apple crate maze, which they had been trying to escape to for some time. They loved running through the maze! They were hysterically laughing the entire time. Eliza and Ruby weren't the biggest fans, but it was definitely the best thing the boys did.

Finally, we headed into the pumpkin patch and picked out our pumpkins. 

Ezra and Elliott let Nathan carry the pumpkin they selected, but Eliza insisted on carrying her own pumpkin.

I think everyone was happy with their pumpkin selection!
While we waited for the tractor with the hayride to return, we explored the vintage truck that was out and loaded with pumpkins. It was the pretty idyllic spot for some photos.

We would have stayed longer, but it was suddenly freezing, and we were all miserable in the cold. Fortunately, the sun came out on the 10 minute ride back to the main location. (And if Becca looks especially miserable, it's because she had just left the dentist when we decided to go to The Big Red Barn and her mouth was numb. She's a trooper!)

We were really looking forward to the famed apple cider doughnuts once we returned the Big Red Barn store, but they were sadly sold out! We decided to drown our woes with some hot chocolate and caramel apples. 
Overall, it was a great family outing and fairly inexpensive. Compared to some of the other fall activity locations in Utah, it was a steal. We will certainly be coming back next year!


  1. I want to go to there! It looks like so much fun for everyone. What a fun day you guys had.

  2. That place looks awesome! Pictures are amazing too.


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