Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Preschool Party

One of my favorite things about our neighborhood is the preschool down the street from us. Most of the children attend our church and are our neighbors, and Eliza loves knowing that she goes to school with so many "neighborhood friends." Miss Kristie is the teacher and is absolutely adored by everyone in the community because it's obvious how much she loves our children. 

I was excited to go to preschool today and be the class mom for the Halloween Party. In Othello, Eliza attended a co-op, and I always appreciated how I was able to see exactly what she was learning and how she was behaving during class. Today, I saw that Eliza is completely comfortable at preschool, does her best to answer questions, and loves to talk to her friends. She was so proud that I was there (and dressed like Super Woman) and was just so happy. I definitely have a little extrovert on my hands! She really came to life when she was around her friends, and I loved seeing her so happy.

We played games, ate snacks, and were entertained by Miss Kristie (who was dressed as Thing 1). It was a good day for all of us :)

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