Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day For the Weary

Valentine's Day for Nathan and me meant dressing Eliza in various red and pink outfits, painting nails pink (Nathan's nails included), and avoiding all forms of food (including candy). Yes. We were sick on Valentine's Day. As a special gift to us, Cheryl and Rex watched the children, so Nathan and I could go to bed at 9.

These days, sleep is more precious than any form of jewelry or chocolate. Therefore, we couldn't have given each other a better gift! 

I suppose we'll celebrate Valentine's Day and go on an actual date in a few months (or years?). In the meantime, we don't mind sharing this romantic holiday with our little Valentines. They really are what we love most, so why not?

I can imagine Ezra thinking, "Punch!"

But really, does somebody want to offer to babysit? And do you think it would ruin the date if I had to bring my breast pump to the restaurant? My life is super glamorous.

(p.s. I am going to start labeling some of the pictures with the boys' names. My friend Becky, who has identical twin sons, does this, and I love it! I like knowing who is who...and I bet my mom does, too).


  1. Labeling the pics is a great idea. I know with my own pics of my family as kids we can't tell who was who and we weren't even identical or born in the same year. It will definitely help everyone out in the future.

  2. Lol.... I went to the Spa today Cecilia, as my valentine's gift from my husband... and I seriously considered bringing my pump with and using it mid-spa experience... After MUCH thought I decided that "MIGHT" ruin the relaxation attempt. LOL...

  3. Love that first picture of Eliza! The last one of the boys: CLASSIC! Haha. Ours was a pretty simple one too. Dinner, JAG, dessert, and minor contractions. That's just how we roll.


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