Thursday, February 16, 2012


How dare I use such an en vogue word for a title, right? So hip, right? Awkward! Random! Uh, cliche much? (That literally hurt me to write. And reread.)

But ever since Eliza was born, I had her pegged as a certain personality type. ENFP. And while that means nothing to 99.9% of you, suffice it to say that it's a big deal to me. 1) Because I love temperament/personality-typing every single person I know and 2) because that is my absolute favorite personality type. (BESIDE MY WIFE'S!!!)          <--For my protection

Well, I found some evidence. See, personality typing is based of phenotype -- essentially, the way someone looks -- so people who look alike have similar temperaments. Thus the whole birth of the doppleganger craze. Dear friends, I have found Eliza's doppleganger.

Without further ado:

Ok. I know what you're thinking. Which one is Eliza?!?! Well, as it turns out. I can't tell anymore. Both of them are successful child-actors (Eliza puts on a show and gets whatever she wants), both have two brothers (in the Movie, not in real life) and one of them IS NAMED ELLIOTT!!!!

Anywho, Drew Barrymore is an ENFP, so maybe they're the same temperament, maybe not. But whatever Eliza turns out to be, that's my new favorite personality type.

(Full House violin moment, yeah!)

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