Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby Stares and Smiles

The past couple of weeks, Ezra and Elliott have graced us with the most beautiful smiles.  They will stare off at seemingly nothing and suddenly grin from cheek to cheek. Most recently, they have started to coo and giggle at this "nothingness."

I put "nothingness" in parenthesis because I am not entirely convinced there isn't something there.

Eliza went through the same developmental stage, and I really thought nothing of it other than it was adorable. With the boys, I find it fascinating that they will look in the same exact direction and break into a smile simultaneously. It's like they are looking at someone and enjoying playtime.

And sometimes, there is great comfort in thinking that babies give smiles to angels.

Last weekend, we attended the funeral for Nathan's grandfather. Before we left the house that morning, Cheryl and I each took a baby to change their diapers. As we laid them down beside each other, they both stared off at the same point and giggled for the first time. Both of them giggled.
Cheryl and I looked at each other, and I knew we were thinking the same thing: The babies were visiting with Verle, their great-grandpa.

And even if that wasn't the case, it warms my heart to think about it.


  1. i have pondered this exact same thing just recently with some friends who have newborns. i truly believe babies can see and experience things we cannot. i don't know if you took french as your language in school, but in the LDS french hymnbook there is this absolutely gorgeous hymn called "Souviens-Toi" and it's basically talking to an infant about premortal life and saying "Do you remember your heavenly parents? they held you in their arms not long ago. tell me about the forests and the cities of heaven, tell me about the sunsets. do you remember when we were there together, when we chose the Savior's plan? do you remember when we promised to be reunited?" It's hard to do the words justice in english. but i think babies do remember these things for a long time. i don't think the veil is an instantaneous thing at birth--i think of it coming upon a baby gradually as they grow and learn here. anyway...thank you for sharing your sweet experience.

    1. What a wonderful song, Linda! Thank you so much for sharing it.

  2. My boys always did that! And they smiled a lot in their sleep, and I liked to think that they were dreaming about being back in heaven...

  3. I used to think this all the time when our little guy was just starting to smile and giggle. He'd just stare off and I'd ask "Who's visiting you tonight?" I liked to think it could be one of my grandfathers, my Nan, my uncle who passed in September, or even a friend of ours we lost to cancer way too young (she was only 25 and so amazing with kids!). It's comforting to think they're still with us even if *we* can't see them ;)

  4. What sweet smiles they have too! I can't wait to nibble on those chubby, yummy cheeks. I love moments like that with babies. They definitely have sight into a world we can't see.


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