Saturday, February 25, 2012


 A fellow twin mom asked if I dressed the boys alike. My response: " I dress my babies. I feel like that's a huge accomplishment on it's own. My kids only get "fancy" for special occasions, and we dress them alike then so the people who showered us with gifts can see their cute outfits in action. Who doesn't love matching babies?!"
Obviously, photo shoots are a "special occasion."

In all honesty, Ezra and Elliott spend most of their days in sleepers we found at garage sales. The sleeper gowns are comfortable for the babies and make it easy for us to change their diapers. The boys are growing so fast that they are nearly out of their 0-3 month clothing. We have tons of matching outfits with the tags still on them, and I am doing my best to ensure that all clothes are worn at least once so I don't feel guilty about wasting the generous gifts from our friends and family.

So, our little guys match sometimes. I think it's cute when twins dress alike, but I Nathan and I both agree that complimentary outfits are more our style.
Speaking of matching, don't they look UN-matching here? As in not identical? They look so different these days! Starting last week, I can tell them apart without cheating (checking for the "different" ear Ezra has). I quickly glance and know my baby. I love it.

And while they have changed in appearance...

...they still like to hold hands.

 Having twins is the best.

Do you see the reflection of the chandelier lights in his eyes? It took me forever to figure out what it was!
(Eliza is the best too)
p.s. Nathan got me Photoshop! I was dying to have it so I could use my friend Becky's HoneyBee Actions. I have no idea how to use it, but I did figure out how to apply "actions" to photos. I only edited the first picture, using Becky's "Lighten Up" action, and I loved it! If you have any Photoshop advice, please send it my way. I am in WAY over my head.


  1. SO cute. Hazel rarely gets dressed too. When they sleep on and off 24/7 you're home pretty much all of the time and it's cold, it's just hard to get them changed out of PJs.

  2. Oh wow, they really have grown so much!! They are adorable! And it's the sweetest thing that they hold hands. Sweet baby boys. Get Pioneer Woman's Actions. There are two sets. They're really cool. or something like that, under the photography tab, it's somewhere in there. They are awesome.

  3. That second picture is my favorite. Your boys are so sweet! And I think it's adorable to have them match. When Lucas starts walking I hope to put my boys in matchy outfits for church and special occasions even though they're two years apart :)

    I want to meet these babies so badly Celia! They are completely adorable and they look so happy and chubby!

  5. Hold the cuteness! Oh my! Seriously, between your babies and mine, I might die. My coroner report will read "Cause of Death: Couldn't handle the cutenss." The boys really are starting to have their own faces, which I'm sure is wicked helpful. I now have great need to kiss these cheeks once again.


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