Friday, February 17, 2012


Such momentous fortitude has brought us two posts in a row by me! (I'm Nathan (Celia's husband (you probably don't know me))). Are we clear on that punctuation?

Well, I just wanted to assure everyone that I am trying my hardest to make sure that Eliza grows up to be the eclectickest girl possible. Much of our day is spent speaking in weird voices, making crazy expressions at each other, and doing fun experiments.

1. Every time she walks by the mirror in her room (floor length, like on closet door) she walks up to it, stares at herself and alternates between happy and sad faces. Then she looks at me and says "your turn." I oblige.

2. Her bedtime routine consists of singing songs in three different versions. Normal, fast, and baby, where we sing with the highest-pitch voices we can muster. She then repeatedly tells me goodnight and "sweep dreams" in the same high-pitched voice.

3. RANDOM DANCING!!! (Thank you good people from iCarly for your written consent to use that phrase)   <-- JK, I totally pinched it!

4. This:

Ok, big deal right? We made a measly crown out of your average, over-the-counter Magnetix, you say. Well you're correct. But this was only in preparation for the EEG headset I made to read her toddler brainwaves. That picture is going to be much, much weirder.

Much more along these lines:

(Interesting side-note: Rick Moranis - also ENFP)

The thing is, I like being an unconventional dad. I like knowing that my kids will have the option to be as non-normal -- or normal -- as they want. No this does NOT mean I'm going to entitlement-society them into believing that whatever weird random crap they do is TOTALLY AWESOME and everyone will love it no matter what. But I'm also not going to try to condense them down into a society-approved can of predictability and "normal" behavior. Although, their dad (me) is a Mormon, synth-pop musician, holistic healer and theorist/writer so I don't think I'll run into too much of the latter. Uhhhh. . . I should probably make Eliza comb her hair more.

So to sum up this post in one shareable/coinable/purchaseable catch-phrase:

Parents - they'll let almost anyone be one.    <-- (Don't knick that, it's totally mine. (According to a simple Google search)).


  1. I like your posts Nathan! A great start to my Friday. It's going to be a good day.



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