Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why Don't You Scare Me?

Friday afternoon, my sister-in-law and I were relaxing while watching Lord of the Rings (of course). Somehow, I missed a couple of calls from the the nurse at our doctor's office, who was supposed to tell us the time of our appointment with the perinatologist. After several calls back to the office, I finally heard back from the nurse.

She introduced herself and immediately referenced the bloodwork tests which were taken on Wednesday. She stated the results had come back with some "abnormalities," and I needed to come in as soon as possible for follow up testing. The only test I could remember having blood drawn for was the Quad Screen, which looks for potential genetic disorders like Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome).

My heart was pounding, and I felt as though as I was going to throw up. While the nurse talked, I gathered the clarity and the nerve to ask for specific details. What was abnormal? Did the babies have some kind of problem? I think she realized how terrified I was as soon as I spoke.

She put me on hold as she retrieved the test results. A few minutes later, she came back on the line and casually stated: "Umm...so it looks like the Quad Screen was okay, but you have abnormal thyroid levels and extremely low iron. We need to do a full panel on your thyroid to determine what kind of thyroid disease you have."

Instant RELIEF. Thyroid disease? Iron deficient? I can handle that and whatever it entails. I had more bloodwork yesterday, and we'll know the results by Thursday. The anemia compounded by my thyroid issues would explain my fainting spells/black outs and the constant fatigue. I'm excited to get the right medicine and vitamins to feel stronger. That being said, I am a completely different person than I was two weeks ago. I can eat and most days, I don't throw up. Once this other issue is addressed, I'm sure I'll be an even happier and healthier person!


  1. Oh my gosh, thank goodness. That is so scary when they don't give you enough info! I hope whatever it is can be solved. Can't wait until your pregnancy is over and you have these little baby boys!

  2. Good, I hope they can get the thyroid and iron issues taken care of quickly. Keep drinking that chocolate milk, if you can keep it down. Take a folic acid (tiny pills) with it if you can.

    I started opting out of the quad screens, although I understand with twins you want to get tested for everything. With Megan they told me I had an elevated 1/200 chance of Down's, so they would schedule me for an amnio, which had a 1/200 chance of miscarriage. I was like, seriously? I'm 20 years old.

    I have read since then that the risk of harm from amnio is actually much lower, but still.

  3. So relieved you're feeling better. They discovered I was hypothyroid when I was getting pregnant too. With hypo all you need to do is control it with a pill. Weird they didn't discover that it ut- i didn't think it had much to do with pregnancy. Hope you're settling in okay:)

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