Monday, July 18, 2011

So Long, Utah

Last week, Ashley and Becca held a going away party for Nathan, Eliza, and me. They served some of my favorite foods and invited many of my favorite people.

Here are the two party planners, who were incredibly sneaky with their preparations. I had no clue so many of my friends would be there!

Eliza enjoyed hanging out with her new friend, Julia.

 My friend Brittany came with her adorable twin girls. It's always crazy seeing a mom manage of twins and then imagining that will soon be my life.
 Lillian and Sophie are too cute!
It was wonderful seeing the newlyweds: Mr. and Mrs. Broadbent (this still makes me incredibly happy!). I will also miss baby Ruby (Becca and Kyle's little girl). She is the cutest. Kyle is not pictured, but will also be missed.
And after 24 years of living in the same city (except the occasional summer), Caitlin and I parted ways (geographically speaking). Thank goodness for blogs so I can still feel close to all of these amazing people!
Eliza also had to say farewell to her birthday buddy.
We're lucky to know so many wonderful people!
Also, everyone should check out Ashley's amazing cupcakes. They were one of the highlights of the entire occasion! They can be seen in more detail here.
I couldn't think of a better way to end our time in Provo. It was thoughtful and perfect. After six years in Utah, it was hard to leave a well-established life, our home, and our loved ones. We're excited for our adventures in Washington and then Portland!

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