Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Health Update

Before we left Utah, Nathan and I had a final appointment with our regular doctor. We let him know my condition had not improved (although I began feeling better a couple of days later), but also expressed our concern regarding the NJ feeding tube. The doctor was wonderful and agreed completely with our decision to not have another tube placed. He said my body had not responded well the first time to the treatment and there was no indication things would go better the second time around. He then asked: "Well, are you able to keep anything down?"

Almost sheepishly, I confessed: "Chocolate milk."

I know it is ridiculous, but chocolate milk has been one of the only foods that I can tolerate...and crave. Obviously, Nathan would like me to eat things other than purely drinking chocolate milk all day, so I was feeling particularly guilty about my chocolate milk diet. However, the doctor was very supportive and stated I was actually getting a fair amount of calories from the milk and Carnation Instant Breakfast (which he recommended over Hershey's syrup...obviously).

Later that night, Eliza opened up the refrigerator and brought a bottle of milk and Hershey's syrup over to me on the couch. Perhaps, I do have a problem :)
However, that was a week ago and a lot has changed in seven days. I have been able to eat more frequently, and I even gained a pound instead of losing more weight. We met our new doctor today, who referred us to a perinatologist. He seemed a little lost when it came to our situation, so needless to say, I was not impressed. We meet the specialist next Friday, and hopefully, we will not be disappointed.

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  1. I drank SO much chocolate milk at the beginning of my pregnancy. The kids on the playground would say, "No fair! I want some!"

    Oh gosh, I hate it when doctors don't seem to get it. Good luck with the specialist!


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