Thursday, July 28, 2011

17 Weeks +

On Sunday, I hit the 17 week marker.
I swear I look bigger from the other angle. Also, I look sad because I am tired and mostly disappointed with how difficult it is to take good picture of me! I just look depressed and smiling looks way too forced.
I felt the babies move for the first time this week, which was so exciting! Eliza was the most active baby around, so I hope her brothers don't follow her example. I can't imagine two little ones bouncing around all day (and night).

We went to our doctor's office today, and I must say I am horribly disappointed with the clinic. There are 12 physicians, who are definitely overbooked. Their waiting room literally had over 40 people in it, which created an environment more similar to a factory than an office. After waiting forty minutes to be seen, we were finally taken back and visited with a nurse in a private room. She sat down and asked: "So, you're just here for a regular OB appointment. Right?"

I just stared at her, confused. I then said: "No, I am here for a pregnancy appointment...because I am pregnant." Her response: "Oh, you're pregnant?"

Trying not to sound too sarcastic and hateful, I said: "Yeah. I'm 17 weeks pregnant. With twins [CAN'T YOU TELL!!?] . We're here about our blood test results?"

She looked completely lost. Obviously flustered, she got up and left the room to find a doctor. Thirty minutes later, we still had not seen a doctor. By this point, I was livid. I felt completely dehumanized. Did they not care that we had been waiting for over an hour to see someone? Why did they book so many patients if they can't possibly see them all? This was our second visit and the second time we had to wait over an hour. Not okay.

Nathan and I finally decided to walk out of the office. As Nathan opened the door of the room, the doctor approached him, saying: "We're coming, we're coming!!" Hopefully, he could see how angry I was when I gave him my frigid death stare (which Nathan says is terrifying). That being said, the doctor we saw today was excellent. Dr. Smith was very knowledgeable, and I immediately felt at ease as he spoke.

For my anemia, he suggested I eat more red meat and high protein meals. He wants me to be eating constantly. Done. Regarding the thyroid problems, Dr. Smith believes I have temporary hyperthyroidism because my body was in starvation mode. Because there wasn't any food to process, my thyroid was working overtime trying to control my metabolism, thus causing the imbalance. He doesn't believe there is anything to be worried about at this point, which was amazing news. Additionally, he let Nathan and I know that Phenergran (one of the anti-nausea medicines I was prescribed, but stopped taking because it made me feel crazy) is actually known to cause psychosis. He said he didn't know why it was still being prescribed (neither do I).

Before we left, he did a brief ultrasound. He confirmed we're having two boys and let us know everything looked great, but that a more high definition ultrasound would need to be performed. Tomorrow, we meet with the perinatologist, Dr. Halverson, who Dr. Smith described as a sort of rain man. Apparently, Dr. Halverson is not very friendly or nice to his patients; however, he is apparently the best (and the only) perinatologist around!**

Hopefully, I'll have some amazing pictures of the boys tomorrow. Ultrasounds are the most exciting thing when you're pregnant!

**Update: We met Dr. Halverson and love him! He and his wife work together and are incredibly nice :)


  1. Celia! I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading all your blog posts and I'm so glad to hear you're eating and that things are going relatively well now! Sorry about the crappy nurse and clinic, but I'm glad your doctor is good. At least you've been warned about tomorrow's doctor. ...I hope everything continues to get better for you. You look adorable with your little baby bump! <3 CoreyAnn

  2. How did I miss you are having two boys? Congratulations!! I am also very glad you are finally getting better.

  3. Good luck with the rain man. I don't know why doctors can't be both smart and personable. I think when admitting students to med school they should look at the whole person and not just test scores and grades. Of course, you want someone smart, but you also want someone who cares.

    I'm glad you are ready to EAT again, and eat lots!!! If you want any protein tips, let me know, both my OB and peri have emphasized protein, protein, protein.

  4. That sounds like a frustrating but eventually successful appointment! You're so cute pregnant! I am so glad you can eat again!!


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