Friday, July 8, 2011


A few days go (when I wasn't feeling my best), I did some research regarding the correlation between depression and bed rest. Obviously, the two go hand in hand for many women. One article summed up how I have felt in a couple of sentences: "[Women on bed rest] suddenly feel unproductive, vulnerable and dependent. If they have children already, often they are not able to participate in the care of their kids the way everyone is accustomed, and this may lead to frustration and tension if the family doesn't receive the proper help."

Well, thankfully, we have received the "proper help." Unfortunately, I have felt worthless as I have watched my mother-in-law, husband, and friends tend to Eliza's every need. I'm trying to let that go and accept help, but it is hard.

The past couple of days, I have felt more sane and definitely less depressed. I can honestly thank many of you for my progress. I have received so many kind messages and calls that I am truly overwhelmed with positivity.

My dear friend Becca has been an amazing support. She has shown up at our house with toys for Eliza, ice cream for Nathan, and sherbet push pops for me (I was craving them and they are food!). She also introduced me to a wonderful BBC series, entitled Sherlock. If you have Netflix, please go watch the first few episodes instantly. You won't regret it.


  1. Oh shiz. Is The Yellow Wallpaper going to happen to you? My friendship might be tested if you start...creeping.

  2. Even with help, it can still be depressing. I'm glad you have this blog so you can vent and everyone can commiserate and/or cheer you on. I wish I could do something besides say, "This sucks, but I know you can do it!!!"

  3. Justin and I have been watching Sherlock! My British friend introduced me to it and we loooove it. I am sorry you've been so sick! I am currently brainstorming ways to cheer you from another state... currently sending you good karma & anti-nausea brainwaves. Love to you and N & E & the boys. x


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