Sunday, July 10, 2011

15 Weeks

We made it to 15 weeks! The babies are the size of apples (which I find hard to believe), and I finally noticed a pregnant belly bump this week.

I have been able to eat, but nothing stays down. Last night, the thought of rolls from Texas Roadhouse Grill sounded amazing that I was willing to leave my home and go out to dinner. Crazy! Cheryl had purchased a cute dress for me earlier in the week, so it was easy to get dressed. Nathan then did my hair (an easy style Becca found),
and I managed to some makeup on. We were excited for a date!

A few minutes after Nathan received his meal (I just wanted rolls), I felt as though I was going to faint. I was nauseated, dizzy, and felt myself breaking out into a cold sweat. The waitress noticed I looked awful and came by our table. We informed her of our situation and she immediately brought to-go boxes and our check. As soon as I got into the car, I reached for my throw up bowl (which I bring around with me)...and dinner was gone. Gross, I know.

I haven't been able to keep anything down since Tuesday, so the possibility of receiving another NJ tube is becoming much more of a reality. Nathan and I are hoping something stays down today or tomorrow morning. It's not too late!

And here is proof I am alive!

Nathan wanted me to smile, but I honestly couldn't make myself do it! I know I look depressed, but really, I do still laugh and smile...just not immediately after throwing up.


  1. Hey, I know that dress! Wal Mart's new modest line, yes? I got an email from the marketing people and that was my favorite piece. You look darling (even without a smile :)


  2. Yes! Bella Bird. The clothes are SO cute, Kayla! And their marketing person emailed you? I am so impressed!!

  3. You look so cute pregnant! I bet it felt good to get gussied up and out of the house...sorry it didn't last :(

  4. You look lovely! It's nice to get a bump and feel as if the babies are real humans growing inside you, not just a terrible disease you suddenly got, right?

  5. I can see your smile! It's there.
    Good job on the hair Nathan!

  6. I'm so impressed that Nathan was able to put your hair together. KUDOS. You look like a lovely pregnant lady. Also, I'm glad you have been at least able to eat, even if it doesn't stay inside. Good luck sweetie pie! I can't wait to see you this weekend!!!

  7. I think you look beautiful! Tired, yes, but beautiful.
    And I love that little baby bump! You're rocking it.

  8. Such a cute dress! And if those Texas Roadhouse rolls tasted half as good coming up as they do going down, it's still a pretty delicious deal. ...that ended up sounding grosser than I meant it to.


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