Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So Close to Two!

Eliza is 22 months old! The past few weeks, she has really started to talk. She repeats almost every word we say and can ask to go outside or for a cup of juice. Her new routine is to go on a morning walk with Cheryl and play at the park for an hour or so. She loves climbing anything, so the park is a perfect place for her to do what she loves. She also enjoys the slide and will sometimes tolerate the swing.

Eliza continues to be a picky eat, but will always eat string cheese and yogurt (tons and tons of yogurt). However, we successfully convinced her that some food is good (other than her staples). Proof that she enjoys cinnamon bread and chicken:

She is currently obsessed with letters and will go out of her way to investigate signs with she is out on her walks. She also enjoys counting and pointing to the various numbers on the front of people's houses. (Please ignore her dirty little face in the below picture).
She also is prone to take little detours on her walks. Case in point:
Our current struggle is maintaining Eliza's hair.
Oh, the curls. Her hair doesn't really get just gets more curly. When she is taking a bath, I am always surprised to see just how long her hair is! We've tried clips and various kinds of ouchless hair ties, but Eliza manages to pull them all out. Cutting her bangs won't really solve the problem, so I guess we will have to wait for her to decide hair clips are okay.

She also learned how to say "pray" and loves bowing her head and folding her arms randomly throughout the day. She's so smart and lovable. She is definitely still a daddy's girl as well.

Happy 22 months, Eliza! We think you're the cutest.


  1. all i can say is her curly hair looks so much better than my crazy curly hair was when i was little :)

  2. She's has gotten so big! I love her curls.

  3. She is adorable, and I love her hair. Jade has the same curly, wild hair and I am having the same problem you are. Jade's isn't quite as long in the front though, it isn't in her eyes yet. I put a little gel in Jade's to help the curl not frizz up. But usually it just looks a little crazy. Good luck with the clips. Jade won't leave them in for a second, but she will tolerate ponytails. Let me know if you find something that works.


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