Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twin-Life Crisis

When I was pregnant with the twins, I jokingly said that Baby B wanted "all the womb to himself!" (I'm so pun-ny).  He constantly kicked me and moved about furiously while Baby A just relaxed and gave an occasional kick to let me know he was okay. I predicted we would have an Eliza, part II on our hands.

Sometimes, I hate being right.

Over the last two weeks, Ezra has made it abundantly clear that he would like to be the only baby around. He doesn't want to be overlooked, and he doesn't want us to give Elliott attention when he is in the room. I guess he is having a bit of a twin-life crisis early on in life. 

For instance, if I am feeding both babies at once, Ezra refuses to share his spoon--even for a moment! (Yes, I use one spoon, one bowl most of the time). He will scream until the spoon is back in his mouth, where it belongs. If I walk into the room, he will smile at me and expect to be picked up--Elliott will have to wait. And, if for some reason, I go to Elliott first, Ezra loses it. He found his voice last week and will let out an ear piercing shriek if he is left on the floor or in the jumperoo. It makes me feel so guilty! Of course, I want to make him happy, so I find myself putting Elliott down more frequently in order to attend to Ezra. Today though, I decided Ezra could complain for a little bit while I snuggled Elliott. Fair is fair, right? Elliott needs loving, too...even if he doesn't ask (or yell) for it.  Because of this issue, them being on opposite schedules for most of the day is actually a good thing.

Thankfully, Cheryl and Nathan are usually around to help, so both babies receive equal amounts of attention. Elliott is fine with entertaining himself and has comfortably settled into his life as a twin. I hope Ezra realizes he is loved equally as much as his brother. But really, how can I allow this sweet little face to cry? It's heartbreaking! 


  1. Awww, poor wittle guy! Sorry we're bringing yet another baby to contend with this weekend. But you guys are besties so it'll be okay. Right? Right? ;)

  2. Oh boy. Sibling rivalry! Hopefully he'll learn to share your attention soon. Those sweet little faces really are too cute to resist. I love their eyes and adorable cheeks!! Can't wait to have them (and you) come visit!!

  3. My girls did that too, and I found I was always holding one more than the other. Then I tried to make it as fair as possible. Your boys are adorable. Your kids eyes are gorgeous.

  4. That is too cute and mildly hilarious. Not to you I am sure, but I just love seeing kids personalities! I have a friend whose twins are like this. Good luck! They are such adorable children!!!


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