Thursday, June 28, 2012

7 Months

The little giggles are 7 months old today! (except they aren't giggling here because they were denied nursing all night and are angry with me!)
They are growing so much and were nearly 20 pounds when we weighed them on Friday. The past couple of weeks, they have tried desperately to move their weight around. They roll around and scoot backwards constantly. They haven't mastered how to sit up or scoot forward just yet, but they are definitely working on it! They are mildly interested in food and are much better eaters than their big sister. 

Ezra makes me laugh. He has such personality. His loves playing with his tongue and constantly has it sticking out of his mouth. He loves playing with Nathan and gives smiles to most people. He is impatient when it comes to eating and nursing and will scream if he is not being tended to quickly enough. He still loves his jumperoo and could bounce all day if we let him. Recently, he has discovered how to spit and enjoys the sound pursing his lips makes. I love him, and I can't get enough of his playful expressions.

Elliott is a sweetheart. When he first wakes up, he will snuggle for just a minute and that one minute is heaven. He babbles and also enjoys making spitting sounds (although not as much as Ezra). He can remain calmer for longer and is fine with letting Ezra go first with most things. Elliott loves watching Eliza play and giggles anytime he sees her dancing or singing. He has a peaceful energy and is a little bit more reserved with his smiles. For instance, Grandpa can always tell "who's who" when he gets home from work. Elliott takes a little longer to smile, but Ezra always flashes him a grin. Elliott is coming around, though! And check out Elliott's cool faux hawk!
The boys are now aware of each other. They laugh at one another, look for their brother, and exchange smiles. They are so lucky to have each other, and I still feel amazed and blessed that we have two little guys. 
We have three kids (it's still strange that we never had two). I think it will sink in sooner or later. Won't it?


  1. I think they look more defeated than mad. Also, LOVE that last picture, it is perfect!

  2. Oh boys! They are just getting bigger all the time. All three of the kids have the same adorable button nose. I love that Ezra is grabbing his feeties, like he's trying to playfully steal the show.

  3. My goodness, y'all sure do make beautiful babies!!!

    There is nothing cuter than a baby playing with his feet. I have a 6 month old and it makes me melt every single time he does that.

  4. Oh wow, your kids are just so adorable!! They have such different and fun personalities! I can't wait to see them again. They are so round and have the most beautiful eyes! That picture of all three of them is so sweet. :)


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