Monday, June 25, 2012

Vertigo Revisited

Apparently, when I am exhausted, I develop vertigo. Ezra and Elliott have been going to bed at midnight and waking up every hour (instead of every 2 hours) the past few days. Eliza continues to fight sleep, and Nathan and I are beat. This is probably the 50th post where I have spoken about our lack of sleep, so I do apologize for complaining. 

Yesterday, I felt like I had weights on my legs and arms when I lifted them. I was dizzy and tired, but I tried my best to keep up with our busy schedule. Today, I woke up and knew I had vertigo. I was laying in bed and the room was spinning. I also felt dehydrated (which I learned can cause vertigo during my hyperemesis phase last year), so I stumbled into the kitchen to get water.

Eliza was awake and trying to get herself cereal out of the cupboard. She saw me and said, "Hi, Mommy! Oh, you're still sleeping? I say shhhh. I be quiet." I love that girl.

She told me to go back to sleep because she was okay watching "Super Why!" alone as long as I gave her some chocolate milk. Instead, we sat together on the couch while Elliott bounced in his jumperoo. Fortunately, Nathan had the day off of work, and I was able to take a nap with Eliza later on in the afternoon. She went down without any argument because she knew I was sick. I usually play with her hair while she is falling asleep, so she tried to comfort me by stroking my head and rubbing my face.

Tonight, she went to bed again with no protests. She told me to feel better and made sure I had plenty of water before going to bed herself. She handed Nathan her own cup of water and said, "Mommy needs this because she is sad and grumpy." How observant.

I am so fortunate to be Eliza's mother. I'm glad she loves and accepts me even when I am tired and stressed.
I'm feeling a lot better tonight (thanks to Eliza's water), and I am optimistic that our children will sleep better than they have been. One can hope, right? It's bound to happen sooner or later!

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  1. I love this picture of her! She's so funny sometimes. Remember to take care of yourself love!! It's important. :)


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