Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nom, Nom!

While in South Carolina, we decided to give the boys a little taste of mashed banana. They each had a bite, and Nathan and I agreed that we should wait a little longer. On May 17th, they finally had their first "meal." I have to remember all these exact dates for milestones!

Ezra enjoyed the food, but wasn't as desperate as Elliott was for bananas. Since then, we have made prepared a number of courses for the boys: avocados, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, and apples are a few of the things they have tried. As it turns out, making baby food is a lot easier (and less time consuming) than I  previously thought. 

For the squash and sweet potatoes, we stick them in the oven, let them cook, puree them, and then store them in ice cube trays. We simply mash the avocados, bananas, and apples, which takes no time at all. The carrots involve a little more effort because we peel and steam them, but overall, it is easy! 

The best thing about homemade baby food (other than all of the obvious factors) is the texture. It is thicker than store bought food and the babies have no problem eating it. With Eliza, I remember the food constantly trickling down her chin because it was so thin and watery. Another additionally bonus to homemade food is that it is delicious! It may say sound strange, but I think pureed sweet potatoes are the best thing ever!

Although they have been eating solids for over a month, they aren't in love with food just yet. Most days, they only eat one little meal and some days, they refuse food in general; they just really love their milk. Nathan and I aren't pushing them to eat, and they are more than welcome to take their time with wanting solids.

On our to-do list for tomorrow is "make more baby food!" We're going to add green beans and mangoes to the mix.  Maybe they are looking for a new food to get excited about (although I don't think they'll go crazy over green beans).


  1. I love how Elliot is like, "HEY! Where'd the spoon with the food go?". HAHA.

  2. Love homemade baby food! I used our magic bullet sometimes. But my fave were the easy, smoosh-able ones like avocado and banana. And we had one of those weird strainer food bag thingies Nathan was telling me about, but Noah didn't like it. I've heard you can also put ice in it for teething, but Noah just wouldn't chew on it. Your boys are so cute and I can't wait to see them!!


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