Monday, June 11, 2012

He Did It!

Last weekend, our friend Cynthia stopped by with these adorable onesies:
Don't you just love them? The babies and the onesies? I do.

One of the best things about having a twin brother is that there is always someone to blame when something goes wrong. My dad loves to tell the story about how I blamed breaking a vase on my little brother.  I insisted Hudson had run into the room and knocked the vase over, but my dad wasn't convinced. This was most likely due to the fact that Hudson was just one at the time and couldn't walk yet. I guess I could have used a twin! And apparently, Eliza could use a twin, too. She is already blaming things on the babies, and I have to fight a smile every time she accuses Ezra or Elliott of spilling popcorn on the couch or leaving her princess gowns in the middle of the floor. It's so funny how her little mind works!

I'm sure Ezra and Elliott will get into their fair share of trouble in the future, and I fully expect to hear, "He did it!" a thousand more times. Right now, though, Eliza is the only one saying those words. I am going to continue enjoying these babies while they are still sweet and snuggly.

Here is Elliott looking pensive and then innocent.

Ezra looking serious and then completely disinterested.

They didn't understand that they were supposed to be funny at first. 
But by the time we finished the photo shoot, I think they got the joke :)


  1. Ty loves the look on Elliot's face in the last picture. Haha.

  2. SO CUTE!
    I want some of those.
    and shirts.


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