Monday, November 30, 2009

The Road

If he is not the word of God God never spoke.Becca, Katy, and anyone else- Can we really handle watching it!? After a YEAR of waiting, The Road is finally a movie. Parts of me ache to see it, parts of me feel a bit hesitant. This book moved me like seldom few have. So...The question is: Do I dare? It looks so hauntingly beautiful.
And the dreams so rich in color. How else would death call you? Waking in the cold dawn it all turned to ash instantly. Like certain frescoes entombed for centuries suddenly exposed to the day.

Cormac McCarthy wouldn't approve if I put his words within quotation marks.


  1. I know. I'm definitely seeing it, but I do feel trepidation. But I'm DEFINITELY seeing it. Viggo is going to MOVE ME.

  2. wow i dont get on for a few days and i have a ton to catch up on! Never read that book but now i think i need to!

  3. It's only showing in select theaters, none of which are in utah. Taylor and I are talking about going to Vegas to see it...


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