Monday, November 9, 2009

Does EVERYONE have Swine Flu!?

Ok. I am slightly freaking out. This weekend, we had a number of people visit our home and hang out with us (by number I mean 4 or 5, but that is A LOT when you are covered in baby drool and dead tired). Anyway, all of these people except for ONE have had SWINE FLU. Two of our friends rent out our basement and they each had serious cases. However, upstairs, we have been graciously spared. I am just so paranoid about one of us getting sick and then Eliza somehow getting sick. She is just so tiny. We haven't been able to get vaccinated either. WORRY, WORRY. PANIC, PANIC...Breathe...breathe.

Anyway, one of our friends who was over all night Friday and then Saturday has the Swine Flu. She didn't have any symptoms until yesterday though. I'm praying extra hard we use enough hand sanitizer in this home to ward off any evil germs. I certainly do hope no one in our family comes down with anything.

Man. I hate the flu. Stay away, please. And if you have Swine Flu- you stay away please too.

I just had deja vu. Weird. I have never written this before.


  1. Ew, swine flu. I just have a good ol' cold. FUN.

  2. don't worry too much. nursing should help avoid the swine flu. it's like a liquid vaccine. Everything will be fine! And yes, when husband's come home is totally the best time of day!

  3. I've heard of people having it, but no one I'm around enough. Of course, I'm always at home and don't talk to anyone. Lol. Positive thinking is also a good way to boost your immunity. If you think that you are healthy and won't get sick....most likely, you won't.

  4. What is up with your friends? No one I typically hang out with has swine flu. If you need a refuge, my house is germ-free because I'm neurotic. I will NOT be getting sick anytime soon.

  5. It's EVERYWHERE here too. Some of our classes at school are down to six kids! Teachers keep getting sick too. I actually chose not to sub for a teacher who had it and half of her kids were coughing and snotting up the room. I was like, "I'm not going in there, sorry." Pretty gross, huh? Hopefully none of you get it!


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