Monday, November 9, 2009


Nathan and I have become addicted to a Facebook application. How embarrassing, I know.  We have found entertainment in the monotony that is Farmville the past few days.  Sleep deprivation can lead to crazy things, I tell you. However, a realized how ridiculous this addiction is a few minutes ago when Nathan said in all seriousness: "You know, our avatars would make a cute couple!" Wow.
But if you want to be our friend on Farmville, we'd totally love it. Just kidding. But seriously.


  1. My coworker threatened to kill me if I didn't join farmville. I think she's serious, so maybe I'll figure it out and be your neighbor. :)

  2. haha i dont get farmville i love farm town :) thanks for the offer i will just have to take you up on it! :) I had a friend offer their Amby but i dont want Abby to like it since we dont have one at home! :) Then i can meet your sweet little one and you can meet mine and see Jackie again! :) how is Eliza doing is she sleeping any better with the bed? It took Jackie a few weeeks before things got a lot better

  3. It's cool. I'm kind of addicted to Cafe World.

  4. Um, we're already neighbors. But you guys totally WOULD make a cute couple in Farmville.


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