Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Back to Utah

After nearly a month of being "home" in Othello, we finally headed back to Utah. It was harder than I thought to leave family and friends in the little town, but I'm sure we'll readjust to our normal routine of life in Springville.

Thankfully, there was no throwing up on this road trip, and the kids were so amazing. They were troops as they sat in their carseats for 12 hours on the way home. Brandon bought Eliza a coloring book and markers before we left, and she colored for the entire ride home. I think we have an artist on our hands.

Some of the highlights of the trip home were:
1) Seeing this van
 I thought it was hysterical until I realized that I went to BYU, drive a Honda Odyssey, and already have three kids at 26. I stopped laughing as loudly when I came to those conclusions.

2) Stopping at Chipotle and THEN Chick-fil-a (this requires no further explanation obviously)

3) The Idaho sky
4) The moon in Idaho

I wish these pictures did the sky and the moon justice. I have never seen the moon so large or the sky so beautiful. Nathan and I had to pull over to take pictures and saw a number of cars on the side of the road as other people stood and just watched the sky. I guess I'm a believer in Idaho's beauty now. 

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  1. What a crazy trip that was! I'm so glad your ride back went so smooth. I think we're caravaning with you next time.


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