Sunday, July 14, 2013

Family Pictures

No Robbins reunion would be complete without family pictures. When you have 30 people together for a weekend only once a year, you better take a group picture! Fortunately, our good friend Wendy Spinelli is an amazing photographer and was able to take our photos. I am absolutely thrilled with how they turned out. Wendy is so talented!

I took a few pictures of the little ones while Wendy was posing everyone else.
 Elliott kept making the funniest faces, and I couldn't resist focusing the camera on him.

 We attempted to get all four of the one year olds together for a picture and while we were waiting for Anna to join Evie and the twins, Elliott gave the greatest face of his lifetime, and I captured it!
I imagine him thinking, "We're TWINS--NOT triplets!" I can't wait to put this in his yearbook when he is a senior in high school. It's just so perfect.

Brandon took a couple of pictures of Nathan and me, and I love them. It always makes me feel good to know we have an updated family photo and a nice picture of Nathan and me.

I wanted more professional shots taken of our children, so Wendy is coming back later on in the week. I'm so glad I am friends with such amazing people!

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