Saturday, July 13, 2013

Robbins Reunion, Part 4

On our last day together as a family, we went to the local nursing home to perform for the senior citizens there. Grandma Fern, Nathan's great-grandma, asked that we come and sing, and we couldn't find it in our hearts to refuse. The grandchildren sang a few songs and then all six brothers sang.

Grandma also wanted Nathan to sing an old Scottish love song about a laddie loving a lass, so Nathan, being a good grandson, dutifully performed. He did a great job, and Grandma cried because she was so happy.
The other residents loved the performance and everyone thanked us for coming. It felt good to brighten their days a little. We tried to get a big family picture, but octogenarians aren't the best with new cameras.
Afterwards, everyone changed into their swimsuits, and we headed out to the reservoir for one last day of boating, tubing, and swimming.

 My nephew, Mason, had kneed himself in the face the day before while jumping on the trampoline and his black eye looked pretty cool then next day.
Eliza was pretty excited until she realized that the water was kind of cold. It has been so hot earlier in the week, so I think she was surprised, confused, and then miserable.

Ezra and Elliott had differing opinions when it came to the water. Elliott walked to where the sand began and just sat and stared for a little while. 
Then, he walked towards the water and onto the sand and continued to stare. 
 He was obviously happy and laughed with pure delight. I think he is a fan of the water.

Ezra, on the other hand, didn't want to get too close at first. He stayed and watched Elliott play in the sand as he held onto a bottle of water (and screwed the cap on and then unscrewed it off...his new favorite game). 
We eventually coaxed him down to the beach, but he still couldn't decide if he enjoyed the sand and water.

After a little while, Ezra decided the sand wasn't too bad. The boys ran around the beach, splashed in the water, and played in the sand. I was so happy when they started playing together.

Later that night, we celebrated Cheryl's 60th birthday (a few months late) and presented her with a video of everyone in the family telling her why she is so special. It was the perfect way to end the reunion. I can't believe it's over already (or that we were all so sick)! 

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