Monday, April 15, 2013

Never Too Old For A New Dress

Since I stopped nursing a couple of months ago, I have lost a considerable amount of weight. The clothes that I thought I would never fit into were given to Goodwill last summer in a bout of depression as I faced the reality that I would most likely never be that small again. 

Well, I was wrong (this isn't supposed to sound braggy like, "Oh my gosh. I am so amazing. I lost so much weight after having twins"...even though I realize it kind of sounds like that). And now I have no clothes that I like.

When you don't like your clothes and you don't feel confident wearing shapeless items that don't fit you well, you tend to stay in sweat pants/pajamas all day. I know I do. Also, I don't ever feel the need to "look nice," and it isn't really priority these days with two babies who constantly get me messy. Recently, though, I realized I have more time and that I at least want to feel good about myself some days. That's not asking for too much, right?

All of that being said, adding clothing to my wardrobe is not a priority at this point in my life. Nathan and I students again, so I would rather buy Charmin toilet paper and Bounty paper towels (those things are worth splurging on) than clothes for myself. Thank goodness for mothers and their uncanny intuition. A couple of weeks ago, my mom called to say she was sending the boys and Eliza clothes for Easter. She then asked what I was wearing. I told her I was going to wear a dress I already had, but she could tell from the tone of my voice that I wasn't too excited about the prospect. I casually mentioned that most of my clothing was too large and she then casually suggested that she buy me--her 26 year old daughter-- an Easter dress, too. Of course, I told her no, but my mother is pretty insistent. She called a couple of more times and texted, telling me she wanted to do something nice for me and that I should let her.

When I saw a beautiful mustard dress on Pinterest a couple of days later, I decided I would take her up on her offer. Even though it arrived after Easter, I still consider it my Easter gift. I wore it to church yesterday and felt good about myself for the first time in months!
So, not to sound too shallow, but sometimes it is nice to wear something that makes you feel pretty. It doesn't necessarily have to be brand new, but just going outside and not feeling self-conscious really lifted my spirits. I usually don't care what people think when they see my out, looking frazzled and not put together, but feeling good about myself is something that I have needed these past few months...and by that, I mean 2 years.
Thanks, Mom, for always thinking of me. I guess my love language is gifts.
Also, this doesn't mean I am going to do my hair and wear make-up every day--even though you are convinced that is the key to happiness :) 


  1. I LOVE the dress! I'm all about wearing clothes that make you feel like a million bucks. You look amazing!

    Where is your dress from?

    1. The dress is from Ruche :)

      It totally reminded me of something you would like :)

  2. cute dress!!! you look great! and I know what you mean-it's so easy to just stop trying when you're 100% focused on the lil ones, that's why my way of feeling better about myself is putting on makeup every day-even if jake has to sit on the floor and watch me do it, it's happening :)

  3. So pretty! You're hair is getting so long too! :) This obviously makes me happy. The color of the dress is PERFECT for you. And I so agree. I don't usually care what I look like, since I'm at home with Anna most days and she could care less as to what I look like as long I'm getting her food and the necessities she needs. However, I decided to buy myself an Easter outfit too and it really makes a difference. I think part of it is knowing that I'm a person too and that my identity isn't slipping away into just being a sloppy looking, tired mom who doesn't take the time to do much for herself like she does everyone else she looks after.

  4. You're sooooooooo beautiful!!!!

  5. You are so gorgeous! That dress looks perfect on you :)

  6. Gorgeous dress! You look amazing. It does feel good to look nice every so often. You deserve it my friend. :)


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