Thursday, April 18, 2013

Growing Up

Ezra and Elliott are nearly 17 months old. They are so big and so happy.

Their favorite activities include chasing Nathan and I around the house and laughing at Eliza and her cool tricks (like jumping on the couch, doing flips, and dancing). They are crazy about going on walks and will bring me their hats and jackets when they want to go out. As soon as the door opens, they run out as fast as they can and head straight to the stroller. I can push them around for over an hour without a peep from their little mouths. Once they realize we are almost home, though, they absolutely lose it. They push against the buckle of the seat belt and do their best to protest leaving the outdoors. It's been a long winter indoors, so I am really looking forward to spending the majority of the day outside once the weather is warmer.
They are such easy babies, and I am grateful every day that they sleep, eat, and play so well.

When we go anywhere with all three kids, at least a couple of strangers will say, "You've got your hands full!" or "I just feel so sorry for you!. And while I will admit that things get hectic with two climbing toddlers and a bossy three year old, I also realize it could be much crazier. What if my boys didn't sleep 12-14 hours at night and nap for 4 hours each day? What if they weren't so relaxed about everything? I would probably incredibly frazzled and my house would be (even more) destroyed.

Ezra and Elliott became toddlers so quickly. They have lost all of their baby fat and are just lean little guys. I still think of them as babies, and I wonder when or if that will stop. When they babble in their baby talk and say "mama" in their quiet voices, I sometimes get sad as I think this will stage will pass. And soon. And I may never be at this stage ever again with another child. That is one of the hardest things about them getting older. However, I have learned that each age is fun, and I am glad Eliza is older and sassier and no longer 17 months old.

That being said, three is a tough age. I keep wondering what Ezra and Elliott will be like in two years, and I just know I will be in trouble if they are as defiant as their older sister. Eliza is such a little girl with no traces of toddler or baby left anywhere. She is smart, energetic, creative, and fun to be around as long as she isn't having a three year old life crisis (which includes not being allowed to do 20 puzzles before bed and having to brush her hair). Eliza is a great big sister and she really loves her brothers. She always runs to get supplies for diaper changes and loves feeding the babies snacks. She makes sure Ezra doesn't steal Elliott's sippy cup (this is a usual problem) and is a strict enforcer (but not follower) of our house rules.

Simply put--Eliza is the best. We love her.
Earlier this week, a woman came up to me and said, "You are just so lucky. Your three children are precious. And I'm jealous...I always wanted twins." Strangers like that always make my day. We are so fortunate.


  1. I love this kiddos and have missed them terribly! We can't wait to get all of us together again and have fun.

  2. I'm so glad at least some people make kind comments! You really are blessed. I always wanted three children. Eliza cracks me up. She is spicy!


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