Thursday, April 4, 2013

Busy Bees

Nathan, Ezra, Elliott, and I have norovirus

The silver lining is that Eliza escaped with only being sick for one day. Additionally, Cheryl is still here and holding the family together. 

It's 11:00 pm and this is the first time we have been able to sit down today. I started tracking the amount of dirty diapers, baths taken, and pedialyte/water/milk consumed by the twins today. After going through the motions of changing outfits every 45 minutes and stripping the sheets countless times, we lost count of everything. Looking at the totals, I don't know how we survived today. Thank you, Cheryl. Thank you, thank you.

39 total dirty diapers today.

28 total baths.

Each baby managed to keep down about 22 ounces of fluid. 

We saw the pediatrician today, and he told us that Ezra and Elliott are both moderately dehydrated. He doesn't want to do IV's or admit them to the hospital, so he recommended that we give them 5 ml of pedialyte ever five minutes for 4 hours. We were then told to give them 2 ounces of fluid each hour for the next 4 hours, and 2 additional ounces anytime they have a dirty diaper. Crazy, right? I asked the doctor, "What happens if they continue to vomit and have diarrhea? What if they won't drink anything?"

His response: "Keep trying. Use a syringe. Force them to drink."

So far, they have enjoyed drinking out of the syringe. They are so sick and lethargic. It is breaking my heart to see them so miserable. Nathan and I are feeling somewhat better. I wasn't able to help Cheryl at all yesterday, so I know I am improving because I actually contributed today. 

The doctor said their symptoms could last for two weeks and that they would need to be seen again if they continue to have so many dirty diapers. I am really praying that they feel better tomorrow.
On a positive side, here are a couple of things that made me happy:
1) Our neighbor brought us by some ginger ale. I'm really excited.
2) Our friend and neighbor, Kyle, offered to get us anything we needed and deliver it in his biohazard suit. Becca, you really married a winner :)


  1. The part about Kyle deliver stuff in his biohazard suit made me smile the most. Haha. I just think it's so crazy how when you guys get sick, you REALLY get sick. I hope the boys (and of course you and Nathan too!) get better quick and can stay hydrated.

  2. Poor boys and y'all! The boys may like the pedia-pops - when Chase was sick the frozen treats felt good on his throat. We just broke up pieces in bowls, since he was too little to understand how to eat a popsicle. Sending lots of love and feel better vibes your way!


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