Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Festivities

Things got so crazy last week that I didn't have a chance to blog about Easter. We were able to do a couple of Easter egg hunts this year. One was with our friend Stephanie and took place during a crazy snow storm. Eliza wore her snowsuit for the first time, and the twins were bundled up as we went outside in 30 degree weather. In spring.

Eliza liked looking for eggs in the snow, but I wasn't a fan of hot chocolate at an Easter egg hunt. I'm from South Carolina, and that isn't normal!
We also had a breakfast and Easter egg hunt at church. Eliza enjoyed looking for eggs again, and the boys were actually able to participate this time around (we didn't let them run around in the snow at the last egg hunt).

Ezra refused to be held and screamed in pure joy as he ran across the field after the other children. He didn't realize he was supposed to be hunting eggs and not chasing kids.  Meanwhile, Elliott giggled as he found eggs. He was so proud of himself!

I handed Ezra a couple of eggs and ran across the church parking lot, screaming with happiness.
We eventually had to drag Elliott and Ezra away kicking and screaming. They really just wanted to hang out on the grassy field all day.
Cheryl came into town that weekend (my poor mother-in-law had no idea how awful the visit would be). She had Easter gifts for the kids, so Eliza got quite the stash of candy and puzzles on Easter morning.
We tried to get a picture of the kids before church, but someone wouldn't cooperate (any guesses who that might have been?).
My mom got the kids cute Easter outfits, and I promised her a picture, but taking a picture of three young children is nearly impossible. Eliza was a bit happier after church and we lured her into smiling for this photograph by promising her a big piece of her Easter bunny.

She accepted those terms...and then asked for some jellybeans, too. She drives a hard bargain.


  1. Seriously adorable. I love those seersucker suits, and want some for my boys too!

  2. Oh man! Loving Eliza in pigtails. The outfits are so cute! Except for the snow storm, it looks like a fun Easter.


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