Sunday, July 1, 2012

Snakes in a Library

Earlier this week, Eliza and I went to the local library to see the "Reptile Man." Scott Petersen is a wildlife expert based in Seattle, who does tours for children around the state. He brought a number of amazing reptiles to our little town, and I was even excited to see what he had in store!

Eliza, on the other hand, was not amused. There were over 100 children packed into the tiny library, and Eliza was the only one who wasn't entertained. A baby crocodile? Mildly entertaining.
A spectacled cobra? Oh, it's just a little guy.
A rattlesnake? No big deal.
A gaboon viper (which I found horrific!)? She wouldn't even look at!!
And a yellow giant boa? It wasn't pink.
This was her facial expression the entire time we were there:
Please notice that the people in the background are facing forward. Eliza didn't even want to look at the reptiles! She was so bored that she kept begging, "Please let's go read books! Please!!" When all the other children went to touch the snakes (the venom had been removed from all of the poisonous ones, FYI), Eliza and I left. I promised her we would come back and check out books once all of the kids were gone.

A few hours later, we returned. The coast was clear. As soon as we walked inside, she began looking left and right, as if she was searching for something. I assumed she was looking for the books, so I directed her to the children's section. She kept looking around, though. Finally, I asked her what she was looking for. She quickly said, "I don't want the snakes in my library. I don't want them in my books!"

Apparently, she isn't a fan of reptiles.


  1. So I'm assuming she probably won't be into Jurassic Park as much as you are. ;)

  2. Oh yeah, that guy came to the school I taught at every year. Unfortunate name, no?? Lacey Peterson's murdering husband...Anyway, the kids there loved holding the boas, but I thought it was creepy. Eliza's on to something.


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