Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Seattle Visit

Don't you love how small the world is?

Over two years ago, I started a job at SirsiDynix in Provo. The position I filled was for a girl who had gone on maternity leave. She would be returning in a few weeks, but the company decided it would be nice to have another person working in the department. I sat at her desk for the first month of my job and heard stories about how funny she was, how cute she dressed, and how amazing she was at her job. Everyone loved Beckie.

I was a bit intimidated, but I hoped she would like me. It's hard(er) to make friends when you are older, and everyone needs a friend at work, so I crossed my fingers that we would hit it off. Beckie came back to work, and I instantly liked her. She was just like everyone described and we did, in fact, become good friends. Going to work was fun because she was there, and we always found something to talk and laugh about.

A few weeks after Beckie and I met, we realized we had a mutual friend. Beckie had grown up with the only friend I had from Washington, Megan Harvill. I know Megan because she is the wife of Nathan's best friend, Ben. Ben and Nathan grew up together in Othello and have remained the closest of friends for 22 years now. Crazy connections.

Well, this weekend, Beckie came all the way from Georgia to visit Washington. Nathan and I decided it would be nice to see the Harvills and Beckie, so we drove three hours to Kent (right outside of Seattle) and stayed with Ben and Megan. It was perfect. Nathan spent all day talking to his best friend, and I had the opportunity to go see Seattle with two of my best girl friends. Eliza also had a great time because she was able to play with Noah (Megan's son) and Henry (Beckie's son). They all love trains.
I love when everyone is happy.

We went to Gas Works and saw a great view of Seattle.

We also visited some touristy areas like the troll under the bridge in Fremont.
We then spent the rest of the afternoon shopping. It was perfect. Hanging out with friends is nice.

Also, Beckie is kind of famous. She just started out her own fabric line and has an amazing Etsy shop. Her pillow cases have been featured in Apartment Therapy and on the cover of Country Living twice!


  1. That view is awesome! I love having common friends with people. It makes me feel more connected. That's so crazy that you all know each other through such a random way.

  2. I love that picture of you and Beckie! You guys look so cute. Go Instagram! What a super fun day!!! It really is so crazy how we're all connected.


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