Thursday, July 5, 2012

Parades, Waves, and Smiles

When we lived in Provo, the parade on Independence Day was one of the highlights of the holiday. We only had to walk two blocks to attend the festivities, which included everything from cheerleaders and a marching band to storm troopers. Luckily for us (and Eliza), Othello also has a parade on the 4th of July. Although it mostly consisted of tractors and horses, Eliza was not disappointed. Her initial boredom turned into pure delight once she realized candy was being thrown by the various participants.
She would wave...and then run for the candy!
She would prance out into the street and pick up as many candies as her tiny hands could hold. We couldn't stop laughing at her "candy dance." Notice the little hops here.
So cute.
Eliza also enjoyed the homemade ice cream we made later on in the day and then was excited to watch fireworks for the first time that night.
Ezra and Elliott enjoyed being outside and were their cute, smiley selves. 

It's so much fun to take pictures of happy babies! 
As you can see, we had a great day! (and yes, I did manage to watch Independence Day three days in a row)

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  1. Haha. I love her. Her eyes are so big! The boys and their outfits are purely adorable!


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