Thursday, July 26, 2012

Family of Five

While we were in Seattle, Megan took a few casual photos of our family. Even though Nathan and I are accidentally wearing matching shirts, I really love these picture. They are the first family photos since December (when Megan came to visit!), and all three children have definitely changed over the past seven months.

 Eliza couldn't sit still for very long, so Megan started their bubble machine. All three children loved the bubbles, and Ezra and Elliott couldn't stop watching their big sister dance around.

 Eliza could have chased bubbles all afternoon. I love that she is a little blurry in this photograph. Typical Eliza. She is always in constant motion.


  1. Those family photos are ADORABLE!! And I can't believe how big those boys are getting!

  2. Personally, I love that you guys match. You don't know this, but for the greater part of our courtship, never on purpose, Ty and I would match outfits all the time. We still do sometimes. It seriously got kind of ridiculous that people would constantly comment on it. Anyway, you guys look great! The boys are so big and so expressive. Eliza, oh Eliza. She's so active and energetic. I love her need to pop all the bubbles.

  3. You guys are so cute!! Those boys have the sweetest little faces. And Eliza is tons of fun, and such a pretty little lady. So fun to see you guys!!

  4. You guys are beyond cute. I love those pictures!

  5. So cute! Matching shirts=a definite win.


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