Monday, July 2, 2012

Is It Worth It?

My boys have been teething since the beginning of April. When we left on our epic road trip to South Carolina, Ezra and Elliott were chewing on everything they could get their hands (and mouths) on! Well, it's now the beginning of July and they are still chewing on teething rings, necklaces, and a number of toys. They still remain toothless, though.

According to my mother, I didn't get my first tooth until I was nearly one. Eliza got her first tooth at 8 months, so I expect to see a pearly white any day in the near future. I also expect the teething process to last a very long while, so I am anxious to find something that soothes and entertains the boys. A friend recommended Sophie the Giraffe, which I had heard great things about.

However, they are a bit pricey. Does anyone else have any thoughts about this toy? Is it really worth 20 dollars? I'm hesitant (but maybe because I am a bargain shopper and everything we have for the boys came from our baby shower, a yard sale, or giving friends and family members).

Also, if you are in the market for amber or teething necklaces, check out my friend Leah's Etsy shop. She has the cutest things!


  1. Yes. Sooo worth it. The squeaks easily entertain them and Sophie has spots such as the hooves or nubs/ears with thicker rubber that my son especially loved to chew. The food dye makes me feel comfortable with him eating it too. That amazon. Occasionally they go on sale; I snagged mine for $13 but I think usually it is $17

  2. Yes! C LOVES his Sophie. He is constantly chewing on it. I think it's probably the "natural" rubber texture. Like the previous poster said, keep your eyes peeled. I, too, was able to get mine for about $15. But, in the end, even if you end up paying $18-$20 for it, I'd say it's well worth the dough. I even bought one for my friend!

  3. BEST BUY EVER!! You will not regret it. Order it off Amazon, they are a bit cheaper!

    This is the one we have. It is the mini. WE liked it better, it was easier for our little guy to hold. He still uses it during church as a "Quiet" toy.

  4. I've always given and seen people with those stuffed animals with the teething "feet" on them (some are better than others). My friends that have them say they work great. They're inexpensive, cute and functional. This giraffe thing just seems like an expensive/trendy teether. I think I saw something similar in a pack at Costco and couldn't believe the price.

  5. I've been thinking about getting something for Anna too. She's not teething yet, but she is in that phase where she's curious how things feel in her mouth and likes to see what all the chewing fuss is about. I'd like to get something that's safe for her to chew on and will work for when she starts actually teething.

  6. Oh, get it. :) I feel the same way about buying things; if it's full priced, it's painful to buy. But I've heard a lot of moms say their babies love it. If you buy it and they don't like it, I bet you could sell them to someone. I'll buy one from you for future baby. (Not preg btw, just sayin')


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