Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Who Can Say it Better?

These days, there is just no way for me to describe my thoughts and feelings; new twins -- two kids deeper into fatherhood -- balancing marriage, being a dad, and retaining some sense of self. But there is someone who CAN describe them. His name is Ray Romano.

1:02 - Ray gets me. He knows me.
1:41 - Why I seem so heroic, going on adventures to get whatever Celia needs.
2:50 - This is my story too. The only songs I have written recently are about nap time and drinking milk.
3:40 - I told Cecil we can do this, but she doesn't agree. It would have saved hours on photo shooting so far.
4:00 - My greatest fear for the boys. Oh please let them be even slightly handsome.
4:45 - Eliza is the best thing to watch right now. She makes me happy no matter what (except at bed time).

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  1. That was great! Haha. The similarities are amazing. You're such a great dad.


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