Monday, December 12, 2011

Two Weeks Today

It's hard to believe it has been only two weeks since Ezra and Elliott arrived. This video was taken minutes after their birth and before I actually met them.
They were so content to have space!

14 days have now passed by in a blur of sleepless nights and feedings. Despite the crazy schedule, we have   remarkably happy. Ezra and Elliott are calm, peaceful babies and their presence has brought a definite warmth to our home.

Ezra loves to be held and stare at his brother. He quietly watches Elliott as they lay together in their crib or Moses basket, and it is adorable. He hates being changed or unwrapped from his blanket (probably because he is so little and has absolutely no body fat to keep him warm). He is still so tiny, but I am confident he will catch up to his brother soon. He has been eating much more frequently the last few days, and I am more than willing to accommodate his growing appetite.
Unlike Ezra, Elliott eats on a pretty consistent schedule. Every two and a half hours, he drinks an enormous amount of milk (65 milliliters or so) and is fast asleep until he has to eat again. He loves sneaking his hands out of the blankets once he has been wrapped and has recently started to reach out to Ezra while sleeping; it's pretty cute. He isn't awake very often, but has started opening his eyes for at least a minute or two the last couple of days.
They are wonderful boys. We are so blessed to have two healthy, happy babies.


  1. They are such beautiful babies. I'm so glad they are just thriving! My favorite pictures are of them snuggled up together.

  2. they are getting cuter and cuter every day!

  3. Wow! it's gone so fast! They are so darling and i just love how they love to cuddle! I'm so glad your friends were able to come visit! and that you are happy {even though exhausted}. I am so happy for you and your beautiful babies!


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