Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Best Laid Plans...

Nathan turned 30 yesterday. 30!

For weeks, I had been planning a perfect day for him. I wanted to begin the day with breakfast in bed and then excuse him of parenting duties for the rest of the day. Nathan is always busy with Eliza, so I thought a few hours of alone time to escape and write music would be perfection. Additionally, I worked for days on a thoughtful, unique gift for him. He appreciates personal presents, so I tried particularly hard to do something I knew he would love. With the birth of the twins, Nathan's birthday project was put to the side for a little while. I eventually managed to completed the gift with a few days to spare, and the finished product was supposed to arrive on December 13th--his birthday.

I had plans.

Unfortunately, with a two year old and the crazy feeding schedules of two newborns, things do not always go as planned.

On Sunday night, I realized I had mastitis. I spent the majority of Monday laying in bed and trying to rest after a visit to the doctor's office. Thankfully, my mother had arrived the night before, and Nathan and I had some much needed help. Nathan decided to stay up with the twins so I could sleep longer between pumping and began his birthday feeding two babies into the wee hours of the morning.

Feeding babies was something he expected. Eliza waking up FIVE times during the night was something he did not anticipate. My mom tried to help with Eliza, but our little girl wanted her daddy. So, Nathan was awake all night with all three of our children. He managed to sleep three hours before leaving for preschool with Eliza.

Because Eliza had not slept at all during the night, she was in a horribly cranky mood throughout the day. She yelled, screamed, and had a number of tantrums. We tried to enforce naptime, which led to a scream session that lasted over an hour. Nathan and I have never seen Eliza in such a feisty mood! Unfortunately, nothing we did made the situation better; time-outs, attemps at naps, multiple diversions all failed.

By six o'clock, I was exhausted just watching Nathan run around the house with our daughter.  Eliza and him were engaged in an intense power struggle until nearly 10 PM. We somehow managed to squeeze a little brithday party in around 7:30, but this was only a small break during Nathan's day.

The night ended with me in tears. I wanted Nathan to actually enjoy his 30th birthday. Instead, not only did he not get breakfast in bed (there was no milk to make the blueberry muffins he loves), he also did not get a single moment to himself. Furthermore, my gift did not arrive due to a last minute delay in shipping. Fortunately, I had a couple of smaller things to wrap, but my thoughtful gift was supposed to make his day!

Nathan is the most wonderful husband and father, and I desperately wanted him to have an amazing birthday. As I began to apologize to him for his birthday failure, he interrupted and said, "Don't worry about it! I feel great! Just like a father of three should feel." He then smiled, and I could tell he meant it.

I felt a little better.

Most of all, I felt grateful to be married to someone so selfless. He spends his days working and then taking care of Eliza so I can rest and pump/nurse/feed babies throughout the day and night. He continues to be an example to me, and I am so glad he has the ability to be positive when I don't.

So, Happy (late) Birthday, Nathan! I'm glad you enjoyed the carrot cake...
...and the Scott Pilgrim DVD.
Your real gift is coming soon! Promise.


  1. You're AWESOME Nathan! Happy Birthday!

  2. He looks SO Tired! Poor you, and poor Nathan. But really, life isn't so bad! You guys are super blessed, and everyone has a hard day sometimes. You should ask Ben about his birthday. It was the worst day ever. I spent the day with a brain-splitting migraine and he did all the parenting. He didn't really get anything special for his birthday at all. It was terrible. Our husbands are the best.

  3. Happy Birthday Nate (again, what's this? like the fifth time? ;) )!!! You're such a wonderful man and I'm so glad you're my brother-in-law. We'll have to watch Scott Pilgrim when we're there. Ty loves that movie!


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