Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Identity Theft

Ezra somehow transformed over night.

He is our little baby and weighed just over 4 pounds when we brought him home from the hospital. Elliott was a full pound heavier and therefore had a much rounder face. Well, over the last couple of days, Ezra has definitely put on some weight. We thought they were identical before, but had no idea the similarities could be this pronounced.

Since we came home, Nathan and I have proudly been able to properly identify the boys. The nurses, who confused the babies themselves and saw my inability to differentiate between my own children, placed ankle bracelets on Ezra and Elliott so we could tell them apart "just in case." I suggested writing on the bottom of their feet in permanent marker (which was the plan I jokingly told my in-laws and then seriously considered when I realized I didn't know which baby I was holding), but the pediatrician didn't think it was a good idea to entrust the identities of our children to a slightly toxic Sharpie that could potentially wear off.

All of the labeling seemed like a moot point by Sunday because we could tell easily see the differences, which were mainly in size and head shape.

And then Ezra grew...and so did his head.

So this morning, when Nathan handed me Ezra, he actually handed me Elliott. And when we were keeping log of their feedings, we were actually tallying Elliott's drinking record under Ezra's name. Nathan and I only realized our error after Cheryl correctly referred to Ezra as Ezra, which confused Nathan. He then checked the identification bracelets and sure enough, Cheryl was right. Thank goodness for the nurses and those bracelets!

Nathan and I couldn't believe it, though! In our defense, Ezra's face is fuller as of today--a fact I proudly attribute to the copious amounts of breast milk he has consumed (yes, this is me giving myself a proverbial slap on the back/high five). We have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, and I am anxious to find out exactly how much they have grown.

Even without a scale, I can tell Ezra and Elliott are thriving. And that makes my heart feel good.


  1. oh my goodness they are adorable and i just think the mix up is hilarious! I always wondered if people mixed up their twins! :) They are too cute! I love how they are always cuddling! And i am so glad they are thriving and nursing is going well! I hope they figure out why you keep being in pain! Hopefully it is nothing and it will just go away!!

  2. Could anything be cuter than those two little boys holding hands? I don't think so!

  3. Oh my goodness, that first picture just melts my heart.

  4. Yay! Congrats on your awesome breastfeeding. And beautiful babies!

  5. Oh my goodness, you are going to need to keep those bracelets on FOREVER!! :) :) I'm surprised there aren't a bunch of awesome ideas out there in all the tons of twin books you've read or with all the twinner-mommy friends you have...And yet I can't think of anything....

  6. Oh boys! I'm so happy Ezra is getting bigger!

  7. Good job! How awesome to actually see him growing overnight! You have powerbreastmilk:)

  8. Please never stop putting up pictures! OH my goodness your boys are SO cute!! I am in love :)

    Love the mix up :)


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