Monday, December 12, 2011

Bottle Mania

Fact: Feeding twins requires a ridiculous amount of bottles.
After pumping milk throughout the night, the number of dirty bottles steadily accumulates. These bottles, coupled with the multiple feedings throughout the day, lead to constant bottle washing. Because I am slightly obsessive about cleanliness (especially in regards to my little boys), I have a particular system for cleaning. I wash everything in hot soapy water, soak all the parts in scalding hot water, and then place the various bottles, nipples,  and pacifiers in boiling water for a quick dip.
Perhaps this is excessive, but it makes me feel good that everything is good and clean (and safe).
I'll be happy when we no longer have to measure all of the babies' feedings, and they can solely nurse. I know it will save us a ton of time and energy!

**And to answer a question, we have determined that Playtex Nursers with drop-ins are the best bottle for our babies. Becca, Ashley, and I conducted a mini experiment with Playtex bottles, Breastflow bottles, Medela preemie nipples, and Evenflo glass bottles.
The Playtex and Breastflow bottles were our favorites, but the babies seemed to latch better using the Playtex nursers. I also love how easy it is to clean these kinds of bottles and how the drop-ins prevent the babies from sucking in air. Picking out a bottle for premature babies is definitely a science.


  1. So I saw this app and it made me think of you guys:

  2. So, do you have a favorite type of bottle?

  3. I agree, I used the playtex nursers too when I weaned Gabe. It was the only bottle he would take for a while.

  4. I had such high hopes for that BreastFlow. What a disappointment.

  5. Thanks for answering my question! Ella would never take a bottle and Hazel's following suit... I'd tried medela, breastflow (which I also had high hopes for) and avent. I ordered a playtex nurser this afternoon right before I read your post... here's to hoping :) I just need something for Wednesday nights while I have to be at YW!

  6. Playtex drop ins are amazing. Walmart makes a much cheaper knock off for the refills. They are expensive but so much easier. They make an attachment to connect them to a pump, well worth it, it is under 10 bucks.


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